Cell Cryopreservation Products

Offered array of Cell Cryopreservation Products is used for conserving cells under extreme temperature conditions. Made of best grade PP and aluminum alloy, these products are used as integral parts of human and animal sample preparation job, cell preservation and biopsies procedures. Designed to suit cell preservation requirements, these Cell Cryopreservation Products can be sterilized under extreme heat or by using disinfectant or bleach. Quality of these products has been verified on different parameters. Reasonable price, precise look and easy decontamination method are their main features.


CellRooms are designed for cell freezing to standardized controlled-rate of 1C/minute in cryogenic refrigerator with no use of alcohol or any other fluid. These can be considered as cell freezing containers of thermo-conductive micro-tube racks, which can be used for all kinds of cells, such as primary cells, stem cells and cell lines. These easy to use CellRooms do not require the use of liquid. One just has to insert the samples in the CellRoom and put the CellRoom in freezer under temperature -80 C. The users efficiency can lot be improved by these CellRooms. These containers have no adverse effect on human body or environment.

Product features:

  • These easy to use CellRooms are durable and the operators do not have to change anything.
  • These no-pollution causing CellRooms have insulation design and do not require any cooling in advance.
  • A consistent cooling rate is required for every experiment. The cooling rate for all holes is the same.
  • CellRooms can be opened with ease. These can be taken out of the freezer by hand. And, the best thing is that the fingers will not get frostbite while handling them.
  • All samples can be easily transferred at once, rather one by one.
  • CellRooms can be put to use again in five minutes.
  • The survival rate after cell recovery is high.
  • The temperature around the freezer is not impacted.

How to Use CellRoom

Once the samples are put in the CellRoom, the lid of the CellRoom must be covered properly and this container must be put into freezer with -80C temperature for three hours minimum, without opening CellRoom during this period. After the desired period, take out the CellRoom, transfer samples into liquid nitrogen or dry ice environment. CellRoom lid can be opened and it can be recovered to normal temperature, of it is to be used continuously. 

Product Image (GSEVACR12O)

Thermo Conductive Micro Tube Racks & Cell Freezing Container

Price: 20~40 USD ($)/Piece

CellRooms are thermo-conductive micro-tube racks or cell freezing containers, which ensure standardized controlled-rate -1 /minute cell freezing in cryogenic refrigerator without alcohol or any fluids. CellRoom is applied to variety of cell types which includes stem cells, primary cells and cell lines. CellRoom is very convenient to use, do not need to add any liquid, you just need to insert the samples in CellRoom, then put CellRoom in -80 freezer. It has been proved that CellRoom can improve the user efficiency a lot. And CellRoom is harmless to environment or human body.


Tissue and Slide Preparation Platforms

Price: 60~120 USD ($)/Piece

CoolSink H thermo-conductive histology platforms standardize your tissue or specimen collection and preparation. Modules rapidly adapt to the source temperature when placed on ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, water bath or other temperature sources. Samples stay at uniform temperature while resting securely on a solid,stable platform. Ideal for animal and human sample preparation, biopsies, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and tissue or cell freezing. With handles removed, all thermo-conductive modules may be autoclaved, high heat sterilized or decontaminated with bleach, alcohol or other disinfectants or lab detergents.

Product Image (GSTTS142832/GSTTM142851/GSTTB142886)

Thermo Conductive Platforms (Thermal Tray)

Price: 200~250 USD ($)/Piece
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:3-30 Days
  • Equipment Materials:Aluminum
  • Type:Cell Cryopreservation Products
Product Image (GSCRPCR96)

Tube Storage Rack

Price: 60~80 USD ($)/Piece
  • Type:Cell Cryopreservation Products
  • Equipment Materials:Aluminum
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:20-30 Days
Product Image (GSCRCT15)

Test Tube Storage Rack

Price: 100~120 USD ($)/Piece
  • Type:Cell Cryopreservation Products
  • Equipment Materials:Aluminum
  • Delivery Time:20-30 Days
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Month
Product Image (GSCSXT96F)

Thermo-Conductive Plate and Reservoir Modules

Price: 60~80 USD ($)/Piece
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:3-7 Days
  • Equipment Materials:Aluminum
  • Type:Cell Cryopreservation Products

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